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The Mission is Organisation

Updated: May 11, 2022

A few days before a good friend’s 19th birthday, we planned to have dinner together at my house. I made a quick stir fry!! (Will in time post some recipes on here)

After catching up, I asked if we could do lunch on her birthday at campus, at which point she whips out her brilliant calendar, her literal bible of her life!! Something I became obsessed with at the time leading me to order a personalised one similar to hers. The main reason for my dramatic impulse was just the fact this particular friend said she had so much free time something that I would never imagined she’d say.

A very ‘cray-cray’ moment.

Some context, she was a 1st year physics student with endless hours of rehearsals after getting in deep with the theatre world (as all thespians can empathise with) an irregular sleeping pattern, who regularly clashed appointments and seemed always on edge. Who in fact, has smoothly with the beginning of a new year transformed into a swan of time and freedom to explore what she is capable of achieving with her newly found free time.

This whole catch-up with a friend made me realise the increase of agendas and bullet diaries available to buy online. This surge of planning and removal of procrastination has freed those from being constantly imprisoned by a clock-face.

Anyway, if any of you are interested as to where we get our agendas from drop @writepaintbake a message on Instagram!

Here is the first of many posts from the Cheeky Rose... Hug a tree today! :)

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