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The Benefits of Ranting

Updated: May 11, 2022

There a few things that online I'd call myself a master at doing; but bottling up emotions and events without discussing them with anyone is my forte. The thing is, since I was little, I and many other children are told to keep it within the family. It is a family problem - understandably parents do not want their child to talk to the wrong person about it.

However, this at least for me made me so good at bottling up my emotions. A lot of emotions feel like anger - at least in my case.

Hence, my newfound 'benefits of ranting' post. I think by just having a person, be it a stranger, listen to you rant or say it a couple times - gives you a sense of relief. This idea of the 'benefits of ranting' comes my extremely long list of thoughts that I had when I originally set up this website during my mental health wobble.

The point of ranting is NOT to generate a grudge. The point is to feel relieved and like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

It is all down to the importance of letting go. Change is a constant in life = fact.

As fear inducing as it may be just to walk away from things or even go along with the flow of life as it is ever-evolving. Something that has been refreshed in my mind during the pandemic.

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