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[S5E9] Heat Wave

Amidst a scorching heat wave in Los Angeles, Jenny finds her own temperature rising on the set of Lez Girls. After a quick dip in the pool, Jodi does her best to cool things off with Bette but is quickly turned away as Bette would rather brave the heat with Tina than with Jodi. Shane convinces Jenny to accompany her to a mafia-inspired sit down hosted by the women of SheBar, Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindi.

[S5E9] Heat Wave

While on a mission, Oliver witnesses the destruction of Earth-2 from an antimatter wave.[10] In Star City, William Clayton, Connor Hawke, and Mia Smoak time-travel from 2040 to the present,[11] while Oliver and John Diggle learn that Lyla Michaels has been working with the Monitor.[12] Moments before the crisis begins, Nash Wells is pulled into a chamber under Central City after he is promised a new life.[7] As the crisis starts, the sky over Central City and Lian Yu turns red. Lyla, now a "harbinger of things to come", collects Oliver and Mia on Lian Yu.[13][14]

On an unspecified Earth, the sky also turns red over Freeland and adversely reacts to Jennifer Pierce's powers, tearing her between her Earth and those of two of her doppelgängers. As the Pierce family and Peter Gambi try to bring her back, the antimatter wave overtakes them while Jefferson Pierce is transported away.[15]

Having already destroyed countless parallel universes,[a] the antimatter wave makes its way to Earth-38. Brainiac 5 detects the wave approaching Argo City, prompting Kara Danvers to warn her mother Alura Zor-El, her cousin Clark Kent, and his wife Lois Lane. Clark and Lois send their son, Jonathan, off in an escape pod just before the wave hits. Harbinger brings Oliver, Mia, Barry, Kate Kane, Sara Lance, and Ray Palmer to Earth-38 and rescues the Kents from Argo. As Harbinger briefs the heroes on the situation, the Monitor raises a tower to impede the wave while the DEO and Lena Luthor evacuate Earth-38's inhabitants. Brainy finds Jonathan's pod on Earth-16, so he, Lois, and Sara leave to retrieve him while the others fight the Anti-Monitor's forces. Preparing to die, Oliver passes the Green Arrow mantle to Mia. When he learns that Barry is fated to die, however, he argues with the Monitor about their deal.[b] The heroes fight a demonic army until the Monitor breaches them off-world. Refusing to leave, Oliver nullifies the Monitor and stays behind to protect the exodus. Lois' team returns to Earth-1 with Jonathan just as the Monitor brings a dying Oliver to say goodbye. Nash, now a "Pariah" for releasing the Anti-Monitor, announces that events have changed and all is lost.[17]

The Black Lightning episode "The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis" tied in to "Crisis on Infinite Earths" before Jefferson Pierce first appeared in the crossover's Flash episode. In the Black Lightning episode, a red sky covers Freeland before anti-matter strikes Jennifer Pierce and sends her to a void where she finds her Earth-1 and 2 counterparts. An anti-matter wave wipes them and her Earth out, except for Jefferson, who is transported to an unknown location.[98]

Reagan: Please just come into my room? It's right there.Nick: It's not even hot in reality.Reagan: You're obviously suffering from heat exhaustion.Nick: It's like a crisp Vermont November. Apple cider, football weather. Don't jump in a pile of leaves. There might be a dead dog in there.Reagan: You're slurring your speech. Soon you're gonna get dizzy, you're gonna get cramps.Nick: Why do you care so much, Reagan?Reagan: Because you look like a dying man on a hospital show.

Nick: So we don't have A/C. You guys are going to love this. I invented something even better. It's called the Ranch System. The Ranch System for Cooling. This is one of my best inventions. Reagan's going to freak out when she sees it. Check it out. We've got a combination of cool winds, a-a cool, chilly pond, you wear white jeans 'cause they don't absorb heat... that's actually science, I did research.Winston: You know, science aside, man, you working those jeans.Nick: Oh, thanks for saying that, man. I was insecure about the way they looked.Winston: You killing it, man.

Winston: What the hell was all that coddling?Schmidt: Whoa.Winston: What are you, a big-bosomed grandma? Tough love! Make her go!Schmidt: Don't tell me what to do! I'm her fiancé, not some schnook off the street eating a peanut butter cookie. It's my job to give her love and support. That's how I get her to go to the audition.Winston: As a cop, do you think I would get anyone to do anything i I were being kind and supportive? Hell no! Look, I have recently found my cop voice and I'll tell you this: it is very effective.Schmidt: Is that what you've been practicing in the bathroom?[flashback:]Winston: Everybody stop! Make a left turn! [high, wavering] You have the right to remain silent! You... [elegant] Freeze! Nah. [over-enunciated] Three hundred and three thousand thelonious thistles... [climbing vocal scale] Handcuffs, handcuffs, handcuffs, handcuffs, Handcuffs, handcuffs, handcuffs. [deep] Freeze! [normal] Ooh, ooh. [as Arnold Schwarzenegger] Down on the ground, fugitive of the law. [descending vocal scale] Handcuffs, handcuffs, handcuffs, handcuffs, Handcuffs, handcuffs.[present:]Winston: Those were just my warmups.

Reagan: You wanted to impress me because you have a crush on me.Nick: [laughs] It's nice to get a good laugh in this heat. I need a laugh. It's too hot not to laugh. Lord knows it!Reagan: You do.Nick: I don't have a crush on you. You're very conceited. And I don't mean to burst your bubble here, missy, but I am not out here because of my "so-called crush on you," based on my actions that led you to believe I have a crush on you." I am out here because I have never been more comfortable in my entire life. Okay, you know what? Just go get! Winston and I don't need you, sister.Reagan: Oh, you mean Winston, like, this Winston?Nick: What do you mean, like this... Oh, Winston.Winston: I'm really sorry.Nick: It's fine, it's fine. Who needs you? 'Cause the hottest part of the day is already over.Reagan: It's 9:30 in the morning.Nick: Then tell me this: why did I just eat lunch? Why did I just eat lunch?

David is an actor, writer and producer of television and movies. He studied sketch and improvisation at the Groundling's theater. In front of the camera, he's most known for his prank shows like Fameless, Scare Tactics, Prank Encounters. Upcoming projects include Double Cross with Blake Griffin, Prank Encounters season 2 and Thunder Force. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.

The Doctor and Amy return to the TARDIS. Amy stops to wave at her future self on the opposite hill; for a moment, she believes she saw someone else next to her as well, but quickly forgets about it, reminding the Doctor of Rio. Once she is inside the TARDIS, he remembers the debris he pulled from the crack. It is a scorched blue and white fragment of wood with black lettering. The Doctor holds it against the sign on the TARDIS door, confirming it is a broken piece of the TARDIS exterior. The Doctor worriedly enters the TARDIS.

Nick's contribution to the A plot in this episode is solid. He provides excellent comedic relief during a dinner with Cece, Jess, Sadie, and Sadie's wife, and later on gives classic Nick Miller attitude to Jess when she tries to dispose of the loft's microwave (how else is Nick going to make his burritos?!) in a panic about the viability of her eggs. It's a strong episode for Jess, but Nick's B plot with Winston is both hilarious and an important set-up for one of his most significant story threads throughout the show.

Nick and Reagan's relationship is at its best in the Season 5 episode "Heat Wave." On the outside, they seem like two strong personalities butting heads over who's right and who's wrong. What makes their dynamic especially interesting is Nick's unspoken-but-obvious crush on Reagan (and subsequent desire to impress her) and Reagan's reluctant fondness for Nick. Nick is very funny as he attempts to find a solution to the loft's heat wave temperatures, and his madness escalates as he is faced with another "fancy fix," this time in the form of an air conditioner rather aggressively purchased by Reagan. 041b061a72


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