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Love And Temptation [Ep. 2] !NEW!

I tuned it out of curiousity. I loved Stairway to Heaven to an embarrassing extent. Some things about this drama make me cringe, like the incredible coincidences and the first episode where everyone came to Hong Kong to find out that someone had died, but I am intrigued by the story. I have absolutely no idea where this is going, but I like what I see so far and plan to keep watching!

Love And Temptation [Ep. 2]


Yoo Se-young is a hotel heiress, trained to take over her father's company from a young age. Called a "woman of iron," she is a workaholic and a headstrong leader, and has no interest in love or marriage. One of her family friends is rich playboy Kang Min-woo, who unsuccessfully tried to seduce her in the past. Min-woo has everything he could ever want, and approaches life with the philosophy that you should have a hundred different faces for a hundred different women. He got married only because it was a requirement for his inheritance.

Well that sounds kind of... dangerous. I hope when they say "dangerous love game" and "putting their lives on the line", the drama's production staff and writer mean it really in a... figurative sense. Since the drama is just getting started with the first two episodes now aired, I'd like to start with a brief character analysis of the faces we've seen so far.

The loneliest, lonesome female wolf... the kind of person who fends for herself and never relies on others for help. Despite being the female lead, Tae Hee has yet to play a key role in the story. Tea Hee isn't quite a chaebol; her parents are divorced. Her mother is a busy, famous pottery artist, and her father is a professor overseas, and so Tae Hee refuses to rely on either of them for support. Tae Hee enters university by taking the GED rather than going to high school. In episodes 1 & 2, it's revealed that she somehow has ties to Lee Ki Young, likely through her father, which is why Soo Ji mistakes Tae Hee as Lee Ki Young's first love. Tae Hee is about to be seriously victimized in Soo Ji's grand revenge scheme...

As we cut back to present day, Julie tells him her story about her troubled relationship. With 2 kids and a disinterested husband, her life takes a wild turn when she runs into her long lost lover during a book signing. They get talking and learn the spark they had never really died out and they share drinks together. Heading home, Julie realizes what love is and as we jump back to present day, both Joshua and Julie go their separate ways where she writes an article about his romantic endeavors with Emily.

As Anakin, Rex, Cody, the clones, and Satine's royal guard hold off the droids, Obi-Wan attempts to arrest Merrik. However, Merrik has rigged the engines of the ship with explosives, and warns Obi-Wan to stay back, or he will detonate the explosives. Satine begs Obi-Wan to stand his ground, and the Jedi follows at a distance as Merrik drags Satine towards one of the boarding ships. Satine finally confesses to Obi-Wan that she loves him; Obi-Wan admits that he would have left the Jedi Order for her, to which Merrik responds with disgust. Satine manages to escape Merrik's grasp and steal his blaster. Merrik begins to taunt Satine and the Jedi, sneering that neither one of them are brave enough to kill him: if Satine kills him, she will betray her pacifist views, while if Kenobi kills him, he will lose Satine's respect. Obi-Wan and Satine both hesitate, but before they can act, Anakin runs Merrik through with his lightsaber from behind, killing him.

"You died and went to... the Angels and Demons Academy? Devilish lecturers, angelic sweethearts, and the temptation to break Heaven's rules - what else awaits you in this dangerous, fantastical afterlife?"

Brown, B. (Host). (2022, April 20). Brené with Father Richard Rohr on Spirituality, Certitude, and Infinite Love, Part 1 of 2. [Audio podcast episode]. In Unlocking Us with Brené Brown. Parcast Network. -certitude-and-infinite-love-part-1-of-2/

When Aziz bought Yusuf, his heart was filled with care and love for the latter. He liked him so much, that he asked his wife to honor the boy and expressed his desire to eventually adopt him as their son.

Sadaf Farooqi is a postgraduate in Computer Science who has done the Taleem Al-Quran Course from Al-Huda International, Institute of Islamic Education for Women, in Karachi, Pakistan. 11 years on, she is now a homeschooling parent of three children, a blogger, published author and freelance writer. She has written articles regularly for Hiba Magazine, SISTERS Magazine and Saudi Gazette. Sadaf shares her life experiences and insights on her award-winning blog, Sadaf's Space, and intermittently teaches subjects such as Fiqh of Zakah, Aqeedah, Arabic Grammar, and Science of Hadith part-time at a local branch of Al-Huda. She has recently become a published author of a book titled 'Traversing the Highs and Lows of Muslim Marriage'.For most part, her Jihad bil Qalam involves juggling work around persistent power breakdowns and preventing six chubby little hands from her computer! Even though it may not seem so, most of her time is spent not in doing all this, but in what she loves most - reading. 041b061a72


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