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Jayden Howard
Jayden Howard


the downloaded file is slightly different in that it has been tarred up and compressed as a setool2 package. this creates a file which is completely self-contained, and does not depend on setool2 being present on the computer.


the setool2lite-v1.11.epub is written using the epub markup language, an open standard for xml-based publication mark-up languages. the following tag in the epub format supports for the formatting of the text-based books.

the update utility for this release is generic to the location at which you downloaded the archive. if you downloaded this archive to, for example, c:"folder"\, then you should run this update utility from a command prompt in the directory, "c:"folder"".

the archive includes a file called "update.cmd", which is a batch file. if you need to modify this batch file, or use a different directory, then you should edit this batch file to indicate the directory in which you wish to update. when you do so, you may either remove the "update.cmd" file, or simply rename it to "update.bat", or another name of your choice.

bug fixes fixed error in user-defined document marker class name. fixed issue with epub file selection dialog not displaying correctly when accessing a file which is encrypted using the aescrypt algorithm. fixed issue where the "copy files to the builtin temp directory" selection box did not appear. on platforms where procps or psmisc are not installed, the rasdial utility in this version of setool2lite is now compatible with ssh. fixed and improved builtin compression algorithm for epub, zip and tar files. improved the way that the output page is displayed in verbose mode.


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