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[S1E3] The Base Violence Necessary For Change

The effects of shimmer wear off on Deckard, returning him to a normal yet nauseous state. Vander begins to wake up as a thug drags him across a catwalk overlooking a workshop where Silco's workers are forging metal weapons and mass-producing shimmer. Silco and Vander vehemently argue the merits of a violent revolution. Silco explains that violence is a crude but necessary tool to liberate Zaun, regarding Vander as a traitor the cause; Vander retorts that the sacrifices of war aren't worth the reward. The pair also reflect on Vander's betrayal of Silco, with Vander claiming that he's never forgiven himself for what he did. In the end, Silco's thug takes Vander to be locked away, but before he goes, Vander sees that Sevika is here under Silco's employ.

[S1E3] The Base Violence Necessary for Change

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These are the challenges that we all face. President Bush has directed his administration to do what is necessary to stop the violence, encourage efforts toward peace, and restore the economic foundations of the region. Our fervent hope is that Israelis, Palestinians, our Arab friends, and the international community will also rise to this challenge. 041b061a72


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