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2002 - Piedras

At the end of the twentieth century, more than a thousand years after its abandonment, the remnants of the city of Piedras Negras lay in the dense jungle of Guatemala, its stones choked by overgrowth and eroded by the elements. The site was threatened by a proposed Mexican dam project that would flood parts of the Usumacinta River Valley. Piedras Negras was included on the 2002 World Monuments Watch and in 2004 the listing was expanded to include the entire Usumacinta River Valley Cultural Landscape. WMF held a symposium in one of the local villages in 2002, bringing a variety of professionals to the community to discuss strategies for restoration and sustainable tourism. WMF complemented long-term planning initiatives with specific restoration projects and training workshops in Guatemala. Emergency stabilization was carried out on the West Group at Piedras Negras, one of the two major architectural ensembles of the site.

2002 - Piedras

Piedras è un film del 2002 diretto da Ramón Salazar. La pellicola ha partecipato al Festival internazionale del Cinema di Berlino del 2002 ed è stata candidata alla vittoria dell'Orso d'oro. Per questo lungometraggio il regista ha ottenuto la nomination per il Premio Goya per il miglior regista esordiente nel 2003.

Thad Roberts, de 26 años, un ex pasante en el centro espacial Johnson de Houston, Texas, se declaró culpable del robo de las piedras, tasadas en 2,5 a 7 millones de dólares. Las piedras fueron traídas por las misiones Apolo entre 1969 y 1972.

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Geniale film. Door het gebruik van meerdere verhaallijnen in een film is het geheel vaak los zand. Zoals bij Amores perros. Bij "piedras" is dit totaal niet het geval. Alles vloeit vlekkeloos in elkaar over. Én dan ook nog een keer de goeie muziek en fantastische lokatiekeuzes. Het gebruik van schoenen en voeten als rode draad was een goede vondst. 041b061a72


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