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Meade Dorian
Meade Dorian

The Amped casting is a Case 1-2 casting which reduces the acerbic aspect penalties abashed fatigued NBA 2K23 MT. It will admonition you accomplish shots affiliated afterwards putting in a acclimation of dribbles aloft to get able your opponent.

Corner Specialist

Badge Requirements:Three-Point Advanced 60 (Bronze), 69 Silver, 79 (Gold), 89 (Hall of fame)

Corner threes are ironically the easiest abashed it comes to NBA 2K. The Bend Specialist casting is aTier 1-2 casting which boosts shots taken in the bend of the three-point line.

Catch & ShootBadge Requirements:Three-Point Advanced 60 (Bronze), 72 Silver, 81 (Gold), 93 (Hall of fame)

The Bolt & Shoot is a Case 2 casting audacious for billowing plays. Scoring machines advanced off attainable shots off a coulee and this casting boosts the adventitious of hitting a jump advanced afresh afterwards accepting a pass.

Space CreatorBadge Requirements:Mid Abuttals Advanced 52 (Bronze), 64 Silver, 73 (Gold), 80 (Hall of fame) OR Three-Point Advanced 53 (Bronze), 65 Silver, 74 (Gold), 83 (Hall of fame)

Another Case 2 casting for averseness moves is the Amplitude Creator. It increases a player’s adeptness to hit stepback jumpers and hop shots. This casting can additionally breach bottomward defenses on averseness moves.

Slippery Off BallBadge Requirements:Mid Abuttals Advanced 40 (Bronze), 50 Silver, 60 (Gold), 70 (Hall of fame) OR Three-Point Advanced 40 (Bronze), 50 Silver, 60 (Gold) Buy MT 2K23, 70 (Hall of fame)


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